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SOTERIA - The Safe Freeway Project

Together | Connected | Safer

What started out as a notifiction inititative informing our network of incidents on our freeways has now become a fully fledged emergency Control Room available to assist you in any emergency situation anywhere in South Africa. Join our network at a very low subscription fee of R35.00 per person per month (for family or group arrangements see the Announcement at the bottom of this page) and have full access to our Control Room as well as full access to our safety App SOTERIA, with a panic button linked to our control room and custom made emergency groups for your family to notify the important people all at the same time.

Soteria and The Safe Freeway Project

What is the difference?

Many people ask us, what's the difference between The Safe Freeway Project and Soteria? In a nutshell, there is no difference. The same operators in the same control room, monitoring conditions and broadcast emergency notifications... either via WhatsApp or Soteria. The only difference is that Soteria is a complete, comprehensive safety app.

Our operators in the Control Room

  • Pro-actively monitor conditions on the roads as well as conditions in our neighbourhoods
  • Receive and validate all information sent to our control room from our network
  • Broadcast relevant information live through Soteria broadcast channels and WhatsApp
  • Keeping our members informed with regards to...
    • Road incidents
    • Protest action
    • Riots
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Etc... (Basically anything that would jeopardize your safety)
  • Stand by to help any members stuck on the roads
  • Stand by and assist any members needing assistance
  • Our control room has a network of services to call upon should you need help anywhere you are
  • WhatsApp 0609890005 for more information.

    Make sure to read the ANNOUNCEMENT at the bottom!!!


    Emergency Panic Button

    ONE button notifies ALL!

    The panic button is one of Soteria's awesome features. With one button, you can notify everybody you need regarding your emergency situation. Without getting too technical, When you push the emergency button in Soteria, Soteria creates a Temporary Emergency group. In this group, your location will be shared as well, so everybody knows exactly where you are. If you are registered with your local Neighbourhood Watch we will link your neighbourhood watch to this Emergency Group. If you have armed response we will link your Armed Response to this Emergency Group. When you find yourself in trouble, all you have to do is push the Soteria panic button.

    Family Groups

    We want families to benefit from Soteria.

    When you need help, you need to notify the right people immediately! Who do you phone first when you are in trouble? What if that person or organisation is not reachable at that moment. Who do you phone second... how much time are you wasting trying to get a hold of someone? Press the one panic button that notifies everybody important to you. How does it work?!? When you register your family our operators create the emergency groups in the back office and adds all your family members to that emergency group. We will also add your neighbourhood watch and armed response. When you push the panic button all these parties will be notified, now obviously your neighbourhood watch and armed response has a geographical area they work in, but that is where our Control Roome comes in. We can liaise on your behalf, wherever you are and get help to you as quickly as possible.



    Join as a family and benefit from this awesome family deal!

    As a single member our membership fees are R35 per person per month. To have more members of your family join Soteria, we have a reduced family / group rates. Here is an example of how your family can benifit from the family reduced rates... If both parents or 2x adults pay R50 per month (for both adults), then all other family members under the age of 18 can join Soteria for free and be included in the Soteria Family Emergency Group. Any other adult joining your family or group will join at R25 per person per month. All children under the age of 18 in a group or family uses Soteria for free.

    Want to register or just want more information??

    Send us your name and cell number, and we will contact you back.