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  • Together we are stronger
  • Soteria is a safety, emergency and information hub
  • Wherever you are, we will be able to help!
  • We keep our network informed via the Soteria App or WhatsApp Broadcast channels
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    Safety, Emergency and Information Center

    Together | Connected | Safer

    Soteria is a safety and information hub. SAFETY is the core purpose of our services. There is no need to remember a plethora of emergency response numbers if you are a member of SOTERIA - The Safety, Emergemcy and Information Center. We create a network of resources we can draw on when you request help.
    The strength of our network lies within the members of our network. As much as we are here to assist, you are the eys and ears and report incidents we can use to warn the network.

  • Pro-actively monitor and report conditions in our neighbourhoods
  • Pro-actively monitor and report conditions on the roads
  • Receive and validate all information sent to our control room from our network
  • Broadcast relevant information live through Soteria broadcast channels and WhatsApp
  • Keeping our members informed with regards to...
    • Safety information
    • Emergency incidents
    • Road incidents
    • Protest action
    • Riots
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Etc... (Basically anything that would jeopardize your safety)
  • Stand by to help any members stuck on the roads
  • Stand by and assist any members needing assistance
  • Our control room has a network of services to call upon should you need help anywhere you are
  • WhatsApp 0609890005 for more information.
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    Our membership fees are R35 per person per month. Our family rates ar R50 per month for a family and everybody under 21 is included in that family package.

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