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My Safe N2

Running since August 2015

Providing Safety Information in the Western Cape Area

Reporting on protest action, community violence, taxi wars etc.

We contact authoritities on your behalf to assist you when stuck on the Freeway

The biggest network of motorists reporting on incidents around the Western Cape

Online Profile

Keep up to date with your Safe N2 membership online profile.

Network of commuters

We are a network of commuters where all information is filtered through our control room so we can provide accurate information to all our members.

Your report makes a difference

Our network is our most valuable asset. You are our eyes and ears and with your reports we keep each other informed

We report on any emergency situations

Our network has grown so vast that we report on so much more than just road emergencies.


The Safe N2 Project
Safety, Emergency and Information Center

"Guardian Angels" of the N2

The Safe N2 Project is a safety and information channel. Our members' SAFETY is our core purpose. We've created an extensive network of resources we can connect to when you, as a member, request help. There is no need to remember a number of emergency response numbers if you are a member of The Safe N2 Project - The Safety, Emergency and Information Center.

The Safe N2 Project's strength lies within the members of our network. As our eyes and ears to report incidents, we need your information to warn all other members in our network. As a team we are stronger. You inform, we assist.

  • Pro-actively monitor and report conditions in our neighbourhoods
  • Pro-actively monitor and report conditions on the roads
  • Receive and validate all information sent to our control room from our network
  • Broadcast relevant information live through Soteria broadcast channels and WhatsApp
  • Keeping our members informed with regard to...
    • Safety information
    • Emergency incidents
    • Road incidents
    • Protest action
    • Riots
    • Fires
    • Flooding
    • Etc... (Basically anything that would jeopardize your safety)
  • Stand by to help any members stuck on the roads
  • Stand by and assist any members needing assistance
  • Our control room has a network of services to call upon should you need help wherever you are
  • WhatsApp 0609890005 for more information.


    For less than a McDonalds Happy Meal!

    • Monthly
    • Per Person
    • Per Month
    • R 35

    • Annually
    • Per Person
    • 13 Months
    • R 420

    • Family
    • Per Household <21 yrs (age)
    • Per Month
    • R 50


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